Multinational CdE academy 2022
27.08.2022 – 03.09.2022

Multinational CdE summer school 2022

This event has been cancelled!

Diese Akademie wurde abgesagt!

We are organising a multinational academy from 27. 08. to 03. 09. 2022 (Saturday to Saturday) in Thyrnau-Kelcham, north of Passau (Bavaria, Germany, close to the Austrian and Czech border) in a self catering accomodation.

It will be a one week timespan in a self organisational spirit for diving deep into some topic as well as interpersonal exchange, discussions, sharing of skills and knowledge on- and off-topic, games, outdoor activities, talks, …
Typically, due to the people who come to such an academy, the exchange is deep, intense and diverse.

We have divided the academy‘s time into „on-topic“-time (we call it „coursework“) and „off-topic“-time (all the rest – of course you still can have exchange about any topics you like).

For the coursework time we have some courses you can already choose from during registration, and during the academy we facilitate the emerging of on-the-spot co-created on-topic sessions, which can take the form of short knowledge or skill shares, longer lasting working groups dedicated to one or several questions, workshops, … (You already know that you want to offer/ facilitate something? – We highly welcome your offer already now, for details see below.)

To get an overview of the week, here is an approximate schedule, for more details see below:

Approximate schedule


  • Date: 27. 08. to 03. 09. 2022
  • Place: Thyrnau-Kelcham, north of Passau (Bavaria, Germany) (online map). For details about getting there, see here.
  • Courses: Here you can see the currently offered courses. If you want, you can still offer a course, it will be added to the course list and the already registered participants will be informed. For more on that, see below.
  • Registration deadline: Please register until 20. 07. 2022.
  • Costs: In order to suit people with different financial situations, we have a three-price-model:
  • The regular price is 193 EUR, which is calculated to cover the costs of the academy.
  • We offer a reduced price of 178 EUR for people who struggle with paying the full price. It does not cover the real costs of the academy. If the full price is too high for you, feel free to select this option, you don‘t need to proof it.
  • And if you want to support others you can pay more: We have a support price of 208 EUR, which is to support people with low money to take part in this academy or future ones.

In case you still have problems paying the reduced price, the CdE e.V. has opportunities to support you. In that case, before registering please write an email to the board of directors at vorstand@cde-ev.de, preferably until 13. 07. 2022 so that there is time to process it. Please do not hesitate to ask for support, the support structures are there exactly to enable people to participate independently from financial constraints. This request will be dealt with confidentially and even the organising team of the academy will not get notice of it.

If you are a member of the CdE e.V. you pay 8 EUR less, so for CdE members the fees are 170 EUR, 185 EUR, 200 EUR.

Note for course facilitators: If you facilitate a course, you also need to pay your participation fee. If your course takes place, we try to reimburse some or ideally all of that fee, which will depend on the financial situation after the academy has taken place. Reimbursement is not guaranteed.

  • Bed linen: If possible, bring your own bed linen. The accommodation only has a limited amount of bed linen. If you cannot bring your own, you can get a set for an extra fee of 8 EUR (to be payed in cash at arrival) from the accommodation. If this too is a problem for you, please contact us.
  • Possibility of cancellation: It might be the case that we have to cancel the academy. If we do, we will tell you by 27. 07. 2022. So, we recommend you to make your travel arrangements not before the 28.07.2022, since we cannot reimburse your travel tickets in case of cancellation.
    Regarding cancellation from your side, see below.


To register, fill out the registration form at db.cde-ev.de/db/event/event/47/register. You can make changes to the data until the registration deadline.

In order to register, you need an account in the so called „CdE database“ (db.cde-ev.de/db).
If you don‘t have one yet, you can create one at here. After sending the form, you receive a confirmation email (in German language) with a link which you have to click, then wait some time until the moderators have approved your request. When registering, please select as rationale „CdE event“ and in the free text form give „multinational academy 2022“.

The registration is only valid after you have paid your choosen participation fee. Please pay the participation fee via bank transfer (IBAN/BIC) until the registration deadline. The details for payment will be in the confirmation email you get after registration. In case bank transfer is a problem for you, please contact us.

In case you apply for financial support from the CdE e.V., please wait with the registration until your application is processed, see above for details.


For information on how and when to reach the academy, please refer to this site.

Want to facilitate a course?

Although content to deal with can spontaneously be decided on the spot and a structure will be offered to encourage this, we are still looking for people who already know that they want to offer something beforehand:

If you want to offer a course, facilitate a workshop, start a working group, …—i.e. want to create a space to deal intensively with a topic in a small group, then send us the title, description and other things that are important for you, so that we can add it to the registration form.—The earlier, the better.

Content and format of the course etc. are completely up to you:

  • No matter if frontal teaching or practical experience,
  • no matter if dancing or philosophy,
  • no matter if indoors or outdoors,
  • no matter if you are an expert of the topic or if you create a framework to acquire matter together.

You can have up to 8x3 hours = approx. 24 hours of course work, usually divided into 3 hours in the morning and 3 hours in the afternoon.

Facilitators are not really „special“: We cannot offer you any payment, and we generally assume that facilitators want to participate in the academy even if their own course is not chosen by enough people in order to take place.
Since the academy is a place of exchange and co-creation, facilitators are also expected to pay the participation fee. (If your course takes place, we try to reimburse some or ideally all of that fee, which will depend on the financial situation after the academy has taken place. Reimbursement is not guaranteed.)

In case you want to do something sportive or outdoors: The accomodation has a multi-purpose-hall that can be used for sports, dance, … and a lake for swimming. Forest with a small river is nearby.


In case you have to cancel, please inform us as soon as possible.
In case of cancellation from your side, we cannot guarantee you any reimbursement of your fee. Reimbursement is only possible (partly or fully) if due to your cancellation there is no overall minus in the budget after the academy, e.g. if it has a surplus or it is fully-enough booked. This we can only decide after the academy is finished. We will try our best to reimburse you as much as possible.

In case we have to cancel the academy, we will reimburse your fee, but we cannot reimburse any travel arrangements you already might have made. For that reason we recommend you to wait until 28. 07. to make your travel arrangements.


In order to lower the risk of a Covid-19 outbreak at the academy, we strongly recommend to make an official Covid-19 antigene test within 24 hours before arrival and show us the result, or do a supervised self test directly after arrival (we will have tests for that), regardless of your vaccination status. We know that legally we cannot force you to do that according to current rules, but it would be really helpful.

What if my test is positive?

  • In case of a positive antigene test before arrival, please do not come and do a PCR test. If that is negative, you can come.
    An official positive test entitles you to cancellation with a refund of your money if you show us the result. If you then decide to come after a negative PCR test, you get a partial refund for the nights you came later. If you don‘t show us an official positive test result or another official document saying you are in quarantine or otherwise not allowed to travel due to Covid reasons, we cannot forbid you to come and you are not entitled to a refund.
  • In case of a positive test after arrival you will be tested after 60..240 minutes again, please isolate yourself for that time. If the second test is positive as well, it is free for you to directly go home or to go to quarantine at the academy and do a PCR test and decide what to do together with us. In case you leave due to positive test, you will get back the amount of money that is proportionate to the nights you don‘t spend anymore at the academy.

What if the Covid laws change?

In case that by law we are forced to take Covid measures, the following measures do not give you the right of cancellation with reimbursement of you fee:

  • When we are required to request a proof of vaccination, recovery or test result from you,
  • when you have to wear a mask or/and keep distance when in contact with the personnel of the accomodation but not when beeing amongst the participants of the academy.

In case you would need some proof of vaccination or recovery but don‘t have it, we will reimburse your fee.

In case that a Covid law would require to wear a mask or to maintain distance at all the time, we would cancel the academy from our side and reimburse your fee.


In the past, CdE multinational academies were around 50 people in size and took place in varying locations throughout central Europe. They were inspired by the multinational „Deutsche SchülerAkademien“, educational summer camps for bright and curious pupils in the last two years of high school. Multinational CdE academies are not limited by age.

The academy‘s time is divided into course work as well as course-free time:

  • On most days, there are 3 hours of course time in the morning and 3 hours of course time in the afternoon.
  • In addition, we plan one day without coursework (most probably one or several hikes).
  • As is typical in CdE academies, the courses present their work to each other („rotation“), and a small documentation about the course work is written.
  • There is plenty of room for exchange amongst the participants between and after the course time. Since the people who come to the summer schools are motivated and interested in many different ways, there is regularly a lot of intensive togetherness, exchange, games, music, spontaneous exchange of knowledge and skills, discussions, … during the course-free time—often until late at night. In fact, this course-free time is an integral part of the summer school.
  • Multicultural exchange is also specifically promoted by encouraging appropriate cross-course activities or having a regional evening or similar.

To learn more about the CdE in general you may have a look at our page with general information in English.

Confidential contact possibilities

In case you feel the need for a dedicated contact person due to problems or doubts related to the academy, you can confidentially contact the board of directors of the CdE e.V. at vorstand@cde-ev.de.
This offer is particularly for the case of conflicts with the organisers of the academy.
All your emails will be treated confidentially.
If you wish to reach the board of directors via telephone you can find their phone numbers in the CdE database.
The board of directors consists of the following people: Jennifer Krieger, Eike Klages, Jonathan Popp, Maarten Grothus and Fabian Schicker.

If you have any questions, get in contact with us!: multi22@aka.cde-ev.de,
the organisation team of the multinational CdE academy 2022.