Biomodels Academy 2015

The second installment of the Biomodels Academy will take place between the 12th and 20th of September, again in the beautiful La Quinte de Sao Pedro near Lisbon. We will be working in two groups, Modelling leaf water dynamics based on experimental data (by Ralf Gente) and Exploring Meerkat coordination during foraging (by Gabriella Gall). Additionally, Agnes Köhler will go Back to Basics and give an overview over modeling methods and paradigms.

In case of questions, the organization team can be reached at biomodels15[a-t) Registration costs are € 245 which will cover accommodation and food; you will need to arrange your own transport to Lisbon. We recommend you check out funding options with your Educational Institution, many Universities for example have certain funds for seminar attendance.

We are looking forward to seeing you there!
Dimitri Scheftelowitsch, Tosca Lechner, Moritz v. Looz