Biomodels Academy 2014

The Biomodels Academy aims to bring together people of different academic backgrounds with an interest in mathematical modelling of biological problems in order work together to significantly advance our understanding of whatever system of focus is being discussed. To this end we are going to hold a seminar for around 30 people from the 20th to the 28th of September in the self-catered La Quinta de São Pedro near Lisbon. In the midst of their beautiful gardens we are going to work in two or three dedicated groups each focused on a particular modelling problem. Problems will be posed by attendees beforehand and selected on the basis of the other attendees' choice.

If you would like to discuss a problem you might want to pose, or generally learn more about the young biomodels community in the CdE, drop us an e-mail at For questions specifically about the academy you can also reach the organisation team specifically through

If you would like to attend the academy, please register with us through Registration costs are € 235 which will cover accommodation and food; you will need to arrange your own transport to Lisbon. We recommend you check out funding options with your Educational Institution, many Universities for example have certain funds for seminar attendance.

The Organisers,
Gereon, Tosca, Agnes, Oli, Felix