Biomodels Academy 2016

Biomodels Academy 2016

The Biomodels Academy goes into its third round and we would like to change from fixed courses and projects into a more open barcamp style. We welcome everybody to give short talks about their recent ideas or research, but also the opportunity to discuss and work on projects involving (bio-)modelling in the great atmosphere of the Quinta de São Pedro near Lisbon in order to discuss and advance your projects, or find inspiration for new ones.

We look for participants with backgrounds in mathematical/computational models of any type, or with backgrounds in other fields of science where data analysis and understanding could be improved by methods beyond naïve statistical or well-established mathematical methods. Whether anthropology, behavioural biology, ecology, electronics, linguistics, plant science or zoology - join us so we can learn from each other!

Come if ...

... you are currently working on a (bio-)modelling project that you would like to present, discuss and work on in a friendly and sunny environment with interested peers.

... you have an idea for a project, but never had the time to actually start or would like some motivated peers to join and start the project with you.

... you have a research question that you think could be tackled with the help of mathematical or computational models, no matter whether you know what methods will be applicable or not.

... you would like to join an existing project or discuss on some new ideas, even if you don't have your own project right now. Your fellows will gladly take your input.

Sign up now for a week of presentations, discussions and modeling!

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When: 24 September to 2 October 2016

Where: Quinta de São Pedro, Sobreda, 20km from Lisbon Airport

Cost: 250 EUR

This includes the accomodation, fresh meals cooked by the participants themselves (simple pasta, but also fresh pizza and local fish) and probably an excursion in the beautiful surroundings. Contact us for more details about the past years:

We are looking forward to another inspiring Biomodels Academy!

Your organisers -- Agnes, Fabian, Max, Sarah, Tosca